Since 1960
Our professionalism and passion give life to an art that only those with half a century of experience can boast.

Bibolotti Garden has been operating in the gardening sector for over 50 years. In addition to the creation of gardens, we design and install walkways and paving, turf, irrigation systems. We carry out movements of large specimens and felling of tall trees.
Our company pays particular attention to the care of plants with specific personalized treatments with low invasive impact, also carrying out specific programming activities in order to obtain constant monitoring of the conditions of the plants. Bibolotti Garden operates mainly in Versilia and Tuscany in general, but is available to transfer its work where required.

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Creation of parks and gardens

Garden creations

We create and maintain green areas, parks and gardens that respect the native flora and we specialize in the construction of themed gardens, providing qualified landscape architects.

Laying lawns in rolls

Turf construction

Laying and creation of an adult rolled lawn compared to sowing, particularly suitable when you want to have an immediate scenic effect. The turf turf offers a simple and immediate laying of a real English lawn thanks to the easy rooting of the roots. Ideal for those who want an evergreen and homogeneous lawn, resistant to trampling and shade.

Avenues and walkways

Driveway construction

Avenues and paths are an important part of green areas. We create walkways and floors suitable for both parks and gardens in different styles, adapting to the context of the setting, from minimal to rustic, in stamped concrete, wood, natural or synthetic stones.

Controlled pruning and felling

Felling and pruning tall trees

We are great supporters of the conservation of green areas and we resort to felling trees only in cases of real need, or when there are no alternatives due to illness or danger. We carry out controlled pruning and felling of tall trees.

Displacements of secular trees

Large specimen movement

We offer a professional and specialized service throughout the country for moving and planting centuries-old specimens and large-format plants that require the use of equipment and heavy vehicles.

Installation of irrigation systems

Irrigation systems

Design, installation and implementation of professional and latest generation irrigation systems that allow you to have perfect gardens, green areas and parks all year round, effortlessly and without wasting water.

Treatments against parasites

Antiparasitic treatments

We take care of the gardens, protecting them. Thanks to a long experience and periodic updates, we use the best and most effective pesticide and phytosanitary treatments, including prevention, against the risk of parasite infestation that could compromise the healthy growth of trees and plants.

Plant rental

Rental for installations

We take care of temporary installations of green spaces and green design installations: natural and evocative settings that make indoor and outdoor environments special for events, fairs and photographic sets.