Since 1960

Gardeners in Versilia

Bibolotti Garden has been operating in the gardening field for over 50 years and is an established and consolidated company. Its credibility therefore comes from afar, from a long job made up of daily efforts and successes, from the ability to know that something more is learned every day, from curiosity, from comparison, from the desire to always get involved. Because the gardener knows that the garden is a place of transformation, where every element changes over time.

Emiliano Bibolotti

Emiliano Bibolotti, now head of the company which has 13 employees, began at a very young age to do what he considers to be the most beautiful job in the world.
While his peers spent carefree summers on vacation, at the age of 14 he decided to go to help his father Alessandro, an employee in the first gardening company born in Forte dei Marmi.
And he does it with enthusiasm. Learn the names of the plants, the technique, but above all observe, listen, try to learn the secrets of the plant world, the essence, the particularities of the individual plants.

"Nature is art" repeats his father Alessandro. And Emiliano discovers that the garden is a place with a thousand possibilities and develops his creativity, cultivates a taste for beauty and a culture of greenery. Day after day, year after year, the love and passion for a job whose rhythms are dictated by nature and time grows.
Just as the passion for large specimens was born and developed in him, unique plants of their kind, the result of years of care and attention, perfect for increasing the scenic effect of a green work, for giving strength to an environment, for restore a historic garden or to embellish existing gardens.
And, like a collector of works of art, he goes to intercept them in the world, to then place them at the right time in the perfect place...because as he learned from his father "nature is art!".

Since 1960

Our mission

Bibolotti Garden operates in the gardening sector guaranteeing professionalism and experience. The great passion we have for nature is the engine that has driven us in over fifty years of activity and continues to do so today, to never stop studying, updating and finding solutions that can be the most satisfying for our customers.

Our philosophy is to try to make sustainable choices, starting with plants suited to the soil, exposure, and climatic characteristics of the place where we operate. When a garden project finds the balance between the ornamental function and that of the climate of the area in which it lives, we feel that we have understood and respected the harmony of nature.

With this principle, we conceive and create parks and gardens that respect the native flora using new technologies without losing the teachings of ancient practices, making use of qualified landscape architects, agronomists and local nurserymen.