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Bibolotti Garden operates in the gardening sector, guaranteeing professionalism and experience. The great passion we have for nature is the engine that has driven us in over fifty years of activity and continues to do so today, to never stop studying, updating and finding solutions that can be the most satisfying for our customers.

Our philosophy is to try to make sustainable choices, starting with plants: when the design of a garden finds the balance between the function of ornament and that of the climate of the area in which it lives, we feel that we have grasped and respected the harmony of nature.

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Gardens construction

Construction, preparation and maintenance of green areas, creation of theme parks and gardens that respect the native flora.

Big plants

We carry out interventions to move secular specimens of plants that require the use of equipment and heavy vehicles.

Turf construction

Laying of an adult rolled lawn compared to sowing, particularly suitable when you want to have an immediate scenic effect.

Irrigation systems

Design, installation and commissioning of professional irrigation systems for green areas, parks and gardens: to have perfect grass all year round without effort or waste of water.

Driveways construction

Creation of walkways and paving for gardens according to the needs of the customer, according to his needs, needs and stylistic tastes.


Endotherapy and dendrosurgery are special techniques for eliminating the red weevil, an insect that attacks different types of plants.

Works of art in the garden

Art is linked to the green

As collectors of works of art, we go to intercept the great specimens of centuries-old plants from around the world and then place them in the right garden...because we think that nature is art.

At your service since 1960

Gardeners for two generations

Since 1960 we have been offering our customers a complete gardening service, both for individuals and for common parts of condominiums, public or private parks. Our services range from the design of the garden, evaluating the conditions of the ground and the type of environment to be created, to the construction of the garden with the supply and installation of the plants, up to the subsequent maintenance.