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Rhynchophorus ferrugineus

Endotherapy and Dendrosurgery

Rhynchophorus ferrugineus is an insect that attacks many types of plants, particularly palms, growing in the infested plants.

Usually adults are attracted to plants damaged, diseased or badly pruned but it is also possible infestation of healthy plants.

Identified a suitable palm, males release a pheromone aggregation able to attract many individuals, in order to promote reproductive success.
The females lay their eggs in holes in the parts that offer less resistance, which in about three days giving rise to larvae hatch.
These begin to devour the soft tissues of the plant by digging tunnels also very deep, which can undermine the stability of the palm up to determine the fall.

For interventions , to punch in the fight, you can use different systems: endotherapy, spraying the foliage and root absorption.

To get good results is often used in combination with each other interventions, and in particular endotherapy and spraying foliar.
The endotherapy is a special technique that uses the transport of the solution from the roots to leaves using suitable equipment and injectors are injected into the vessels wire solutions of insecticides, fungicides and/or nutrients.

Some of the advantages of this method are:

  • Low environmental impact
  • Control of numerous trees
  • Treatment of sufferers trees
  • Combined interventions

Phytosanitary endotherapic interventions

Bibolotti Garden is a leader in the industry, thanks to its experience, has studied and developed advanced techniques for the control of parasitic and fungal diseases that affect trees.

Interventions phytosanitary endotherapic must be performed by qualified and experienced personnel as the plants could be irreparably damaged.